Richmond Raceway

The Richmond Raceway is a 0.75 mile, D-shaped, asphalt track located just outside of Richmond, Virginia. The facility plays host to several big-name races and events across the year earning it the title as “America’s premier short track”. These events include the IROC series, the Danny Hamlin Short Track showdown, and the USAC sprint car series. 

What makes the short D-shaped track so appealing?

The unique shape of the speedway gives it a long section where cars can accelerate reaching top speeds that aren’t possible on most short tracks. It also gives racing fans the experience of seeing a race that they can watch entirely from any point of the venue in a way that larger tracks simply can’t manage. The high possible speeds and the enjoyable racing grooves make it a favorite among many NASCAR drivers and fans. It’s also one of the only race tracks that features multiple races on the schedule that host their events at night.

These features play a huge part in how Richmond Raceway is noted for having sold out several of their events, including “The Action Track” selling out 33 consecutive NASCAR Cup Series races, which was only ended as a result of the economic downturn of 2008 and the effects of Tropical Storm Hanna. The track has also introduced a state-of-the-art video scoring tower that boasts more LED square footage than any other in the entire motorsports industry. Motorsports fans will more likely care about how Richmond Raceway has also played host to several record-setting runs including the following:

  • NASCAR Cup Series qualifying: Jeff Gordon, 20.674 sec. (130.599mph, 210.180km/h); 2013
  • NASCAR Cup Series race: Dale Jarrett, 2 hrs. 45min. 4 sec. (109.047mph, 175.494km/h); 1997
  • NASCAR Xfinity Series qualifying: Kyle Busch, 20.874 sec. (129.348mph 208.165km/h); 2004
  • NASCAR Xfinity Series race: Dale Jarrett, 1 hr. 47min. 13 sec. (104.928mph, 168.685km/h); 1995
  • IndyCar Series qualifying: Sam Hornish Jr., 15.3197 sec. (176.244mph, 283.637km/h); 2005

The Richmond Raceway is an incredible track that is loved by NASCAR drivers and fans.

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